The start of a new year can mean many different things, with some people viewing it as a chance for a new start. Personally I love the start of a new year because it brings with it a year of new books to get excited for. With so many books coming out this year, from sequels to series finales and literary debuts there is a lot to look forward to (despite this year having a rather terrible start). And after last year don’t we all need a bit of fantasy to sink our teeth into?

Here are some of the…

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  1. The One Where Phoebe is Accused of Witchcraft
  2. The One Where Rachel Marries Henry VIII
  3. The One Where Joey is Excommunicated From the Catholic Church
  4. The One Where They All Get the Sweating Sickness
  5. The One With the Jousting Tournament
  6. The One Where Ross is Executed
  7. The One Where Monica Gives Prince Edward Food Poisoning
  8. The One Where Joey Becomes the Court Jester
  9. The One Where Chandler is Accused of Treason
  10. The One Where They Were on a Break (from Rome)
  11. The One Where Henry VIII Divorces Rachel
  12. The One Where Joey Sleeps With the King’s Mistress
  13. The One Where…

There is so much mystery and secrecy surrounding the contents of a woman’s purse, and all the conflicting advice makes it awfully confusing for women to know what the essentials are they will need. Luckily I am here to list the 10 most important things every woman should be carrying with her in her day-to-day life!

  1. Red lipstick. Now remember ladies, you must wear this 24/7 or you will never find a husband.
  2. A compact mirror. Use this to check that your lipstick is okay and to watch attractive men behind you on public transport.
  3. A locked safe with tampons…

Isobel Pankhurst

Magazine Journalism student, book blogger and Taylor Swift fan.

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